Dear colleagues :

On behave of the organization committee, it is a great honor and pleasure for me to welcome you to the 16th ISMAR conference to be held in the beautiful Kenting National Park in Taiwan on October 14-19, 2007.

ISMAR is a society devoted to advance and disseminate knowledge of the principles, recent developments and applications of magnetic resonance in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and other disciplines, to foster scientific interaction among magnetic resonance spectroscopists throughout the world. The triennial ISMAR conference is one of the largest such meetings, and the only one of its size that brings together magnetic resonance practitioners from many countries and from all domains, including NMR, NQR, ESR, MRI, ICR and aspects of coherent optics.

This year marks the return of ISMAR to Asia since its inaugural more than 30 years ago. Since then the Asian-Pacific region has witnessed a miraculous growth economically and scientifically. The first Asian-Pacific NMR Conference (AP-NMR) was launched in 2005 in Yokohama, Japan. To strengthen the tight between NMR spectroscopists in this region and the NMR community in the world the second AP-NMR will be held at National Tsinghua University in Taiwan as a satellite meeting preceding the ISMAR on October 12-14, 2007.

The organizing committee recognizes that young scientists are the hope of the future. To encourage the participation of young scientists we have set aside a sizeable amount of travel fund for assisting young scientists to attend this conference. ISMAR has further initiated an ˇ§Outstanding Young Scientistˇ¨ award to recognize the achievements of young scientists under 40 years of age.

If you like me, I am sure you have been amazed by the constant breakthroughs in the magnetic resonance field over the last sixty years since its discovery. ISMAR is a platform where people from all disciplines of magnetic resonances congregate and exchange ideas freely. Our roles as organizing committee are to provide a comfortable and conducive environment to foster such exchange activities. Participants, from funding members to new faces alike, are welcome to the beautiful Kenting National Park to renew old friendships, hear about new advances, learn from each other, and to share our continuing love affair with an exciting field that never ceases to surprise us with its discoveries. It is also an opportunity for you to explore the oriental culture and Taiwanese hospitality. I hope to see you in Taiwan in 2007.


Tai-huang Huang
Conference Chair, 16th ISMAR

 Tai-Huang Huang


Organized by :
 Taiwan Magnetic Resonance Society
 Academia Sinica, Taiwan
 Dr. Shang-Bin Liu ( sbliu@sinica.edu.tw )